exit fastboot screen in MI phones

How to exit FastBoot mode and resolve the volume up/down problems in MI mobile phones? Free 100% working method

Hello, friends today we live in a technologically advanced era where everybody possesses an android smartphone, which is the need of the hour that is why people prefer cheaper android smartphones than ever.

As a matter of fact, XIOMI which is widely famous as MI dominates the Indian cellphone market consistently.

exit fastboot screen in MI device
Exit fastboot mode in MI device

But recently people have observed one bug/ issue of automatic volume up and/or down within the latest new version of MIUI 12.5 and later and when they try to restart their MI mobiles thinking that a nice reboot will clear that bug but device usually get stuck on fastboot mode with no clue how to exit fastboot mode immediately.

What are these problems in most MI phones?

Well in quite recent times MI users have been reporting the problem of automatic volume changing problems in their handsets.

  • Especially many times mobile volume gets totally down upon only pressing the volume decrease button only once leaving your smartphone in silent mode and few have also observed the identical occurrence with volume up too.

  • This is not the only issue that users have been facing which was brought by the latest MIUI. Apart from this people have also reported that whenever they are restarting their mobile phones, their mobile directly goes into fastboot mode and users are stuck there and nothing happens forever if you gaze at that fastboot screen. exit fastboot mode.

Why automatic volume up/down and fastboot mode stuck up problems have occurred?

Volume up or down problems might arise for numerous reasons. For example:-

Audio jack problem
Third-party applications causing the issue
Any bug in MIUI’s latest os update
The problem in either buttons or both the buttons

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How to exit fastboot screen in MI phones?

To give an answer to how to exit fastboot mode/screen in mi phones, there are multiple methods to follow. But I am recommending only these accurate ones for users to follow.

1. Exit fastboot mode in MI phones by Volume up/down + Power button

whenever you are stuck on the fastboot mode which is obviously a headache because it appears every time you reboot your MI device, what you need to do to exit fastboot mode is press the volume up button, volume down button, and power button simultaneously in the either of the following combinations and hold them down for roughly 10 to 15 seconds.

volume up/down + power button

PS : Different MI device works on different combinations of volume up/down & power button

Volume Up Button + Power Button
Volume Down Button + Power button
Volume Up Button + Volume Down Button + Power Button

after pressing these buttons for approximately 10 seconds your device will start normally and you’ll have a home screen.

2. Stop fastboot mode in MI phones by Installing the MIUI update again (100% working on each device)

The above-mentioned method only helps you to get out of the fastboot mode stuck problem but it does not shed light on how to stop your device automatically going into fastboot mode in redmi.

This method makes sure that you don’t face this issue of fastboot mode on every restart as well as automatic volume up and down problems again. And the most beautiful thing about this is it is quite easy as users just need fair internet usage and a PC to backup their data (if they want then only otherwise online cloud storage also works fine).

How to Re-install the latest MIUI OS update package

total time : 2 hours

step 1 – Backup your data

backup data

Before reinstalling MIUI operating system on MI devices, users should back up their data either on a PC or on cloud storage to avoid data loss in case of any mishappenings.

Step 2 – Download the latest MIUI update package free

Download MIUI latest update

To download the latest MIUI update user need to go to Settings > About phone > MIUI version.

then click on the options menu (three-dot on the right top corner) and then click on download latest package.
Once you click that download will begin.

Step 3 – Re-installing the Latest MIUI update on the MI device

reboot MI device

After completion of the download. Click on reboot device and your device will be switched off to reinstall your Latest MIUI os.

Well now if again it shows a fastboot screen do not panic just by pressing the volume up/down + power button start your device and OS will start installing its files and soon your device will start.

How-to resolve the automatic volume up/down issues?

1. Clean audio jack with a cotton bud

To cure the automatic volume increase and decrease the problem. Try following the below steps-

clean audio jack with earbud
  1. Take a cotton earbud.
  2. Insert it into a 3.5 mm audio jack hole.
  3. Rotate the bud swiftly in the hole and clean it.

2. Remove any third-party applications

People usually install lots of third-party applications for their convenience to watch web series, movies, sports, music, and so on.

Mostly these apps come with hidden dangers and threats. So try removing such applications that are not available on the google play store if one has installed them on their devices.

Dangerous third party apps

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