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Hello and welcome to techiesnexus.com.

What is Techies Nexus about?

This blog covers topics regarding technology, How to tutorials, software reviews, and other tips and tricks along with other vivid topics which can be useful to our readers.

The sole aim of this blog is to cater beneficial content for its readers in an easily understandable language where they can solve their doubts and become updated about crucial information by connecting readers to top-notch posts and stories.

Who is the author?

The owner of this blog is Harmil Bhimani, who has done his bachelor’s in mechanical engineering but had a severe inclination toward computers and the digital world from childhood, and so while doing his full-time job he is pursuing his passion of helping others by providing valuable information to his audience.

Other than the digital world author of this website is also interested in writing poetry, and stories that give away his bibliophile nature.

harmil bhimani author of techiesnexus.com
Harmil Bhimani